Couples Therapy

How do you know when it's time?

Choosing to begin couples therapy is a courageous choice. The timing of when you begin counseling is a key element for ensuring success. Ideally, the right time to begin is when you are both committed to bringing forth your best to nurture your relationship. This can be when you’re facing a challenge or even during happier, healthier times.

Growing your relationship is a challenge indeed, not for the faint of heart. Remember the exquisite delight when you were first falling in love? How sweet it was. Yet, the evolution of a relationship is like the saying: “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” During the honeymoon period, or romantic phase, both individuals are passionately – if a bit foolishly – engaged in the fantasy of forever love and the quintessential hope of a never ending flow of ecstasy. Then, inevitably and predictably, the harsh reality of negotiating an interdependent existence and mature partnership sets in firmly and ruthlessly. 

It’s normal – but potentially destructive – to resist the idea that relationships take work to reap the rewards of peace and longevity in love. Often people seek therapy only as a last resort – after their pain has spiked beyond their thresholds or when the emotional climate is scorching. Others unfortunately wait to accept an intervention like therapy until a vast distance has grown between them or a betrayal has destroyed their intimacy – a critical time.

Preventative Couples Therapy

You may be confident and optimistic about your partnership today yet desire a deeper sense of connection.  Preventative couples therapy can:

Reparative Couples Therapy

It’s time…when you and/or your partner:

Once you begin therapy…

"Love is hard--life is hard--but it's the only game in town. It's a high-stakes game, because how well you play determines how you will thrive and grow. You might as well learn to play it as well as possible, as soon as possible."

– Harville Hendrix

So, when is it time? When couples want to move away from the negative course they are on and be supported toward a more conscious, intentional, loving future together.